About The CLAP Book and AAC2GO APP

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Both the AAC2go App is a portable version of the CLAP Book and based on the Integrated Model of Communication©. Teaching Conversation, Language ( logistic skills) and literacy. The Book pages are 60+ communication boards printed out on high quality light gloss card stock for either direct selection or assisted scanning.  The Go Talk Now -AAC2Go App is available as inApp purchase in the Go Talk Now App



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 Integrated Model of Communication© 

Supporting linguistic skills, conversational skills and literacy skills.


The Electronic boards are for use in Speaking Dynamically Pro. And BoardMaker Plus. This comprehensive starter communication book operates like many of the high tech communication devices. The students will be ready to transition to a higher tech system or you can use the provided speaking Dynamically Pro software as their starter communication system for a seamless transition and/or more data for supporting the medical or educational necessity for more sophisticated dedicated communication systems.



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