Think like an Olympian

Are you in the zone? In sports it is described as being fully immersed in the activity you are performing. Typically when this happens you have an energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process. When working with children who have severe and multiple disabilities their bodies or voice do not always communicate in a traditional manner. Getting into the zone can be beneficial when doing evaluations and/or modeling with student’s who you do not know.

Getting in the Zone

Try it out!
1. Have clear goals when working with your students if you do not have clear goals or believe in your abilities it will impede you from getting into the zone and/or connecting with your students.
2. Stop and take a deep breath to clear you head before you begin. Get into the moment!
3. Connect immediately through touch. I always allow the child to touch me in some way. Typically I put my hand on their lap tray or in close proximity to their hand. I offer hand under hand assistance. Rather than grabbing their hand I offer my hand out and wait for their movement. If sitting next to a child I try to make some part of my body touch theirs; shoulders, arm around them, or whatever is tolerable. I believe that the energy you give off positive or negative will be felt with that touch.
4. Have your eyes and ears wide open so your full attention is on every movement every response that the student makes. That will help you respond positively and effectively to the student. Experience the now or the moment.
5. Enjoy the experience.
6. Teach in the moment!

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